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Top 5 Spring Break Destinations In The USA

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It finally springs! And the best part of spring is it’s finally spring break! With winter being nothing but a distant memory, and summer is almost close enough to taste, spring break is the perfect middle ground to go and get some much-needed rest, relaxation, adventure, and fun.

We have picked out our top 5 locations to enjoy in the USA this spring break. Check them out below.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Probably the most infamous party city for spring break in New Orleans. You can find authentic Louisiana food, amazing bluegrass, and jazz, along with some awesome events. And best of all? CHEAP BOOZE! If you are looking for the best area with music clubs and bars, head down to the French Quarter. Each street you turn down has a different vibe and something different to offer. Including the every popular above-ground graveyards.


Panama City, Daytona, and Key West, Florida

If graveyards aren’t your thing. That’s alright too, the next three locations we have for you are all in Florida. We couldn’t pick just one because if there is one thing in the world Florida knows how to do, is to throw an amazing spring break party.

Panama City is postcard perfect. With miles of beaches and perfect weather, it truly is a hot spot for spring break. There are activities, beach bars, night clubs, and events definitely worth checking out. Including a massive glow party, where everyone gets illuminating paint. If you are looking for a full-on adventure, look into getting the Panamanian Club card, as it will prepay your covers and drinks.

The other fabulous city to check out in Florida is Key West. This is one of the top choices for spring breakers due to the parties and all over happy feel that happens during this week. Including a clothing optional bar for those who are brave enough to endure.

Daytona Beach is the original Florida party spot. It is known for its miles of beaches, and hundreds of infinity pools with pool bars. So whether you want to sit on the beach or sit in the warm pool, you will be getting wet and wild in Daytona.


Las Vegas, Nevada

It wouldn’t be a top 5 destinations list if we didn’t add in Las Vegas. This town is tried and true when it comes to partying, eating, or just enjoying yourself. With 24 hour bars, casinos, restaurants, spas, shows, and nap lounges, you sure won’t be disappointed after your trip here. However, a week in Vegas could be quite intense, remember to get a lot of rest and drink lots of water.


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