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San Diego Airport Parking terminal 2

San Diego Airport Parking terminal 2

If you’re driving to the San Diego International Airport, then chances are you’re looking for parking options.

San Diego International offers plenty of parking options for users and visitors alike, though some are more complicated than others.

San Diego Airport parking options run the gamut from regular street parking to park, shuttle & fly services that will give you a safe place to park and a ride to your terminal, so it’s important to choose what’s best for you and your needs before driving to the airport.

San Diego International Aiport Parking Options.

The San Diego International Airport has its own parking lots located near the terminals, though these are first-come-first-served and can be quite expensive in the long run.

Though convenient, San Diego International’s parking lots are best suited for those waiting for passengers rather than for the passengers themselves.

San Diego Airport also offers parking plazas, which allow for longer periods of parking and give you a convenient place to park your car while in the airport.

The parking plazas are well-suited for short business trips or weekend getaways, though you need to account for the walking time between the parking plaza and your flight gate while parking here, so you may want to consider them only if you travel light.

San Diego International Airport Park, Shuttle & Fly Services.

Park, Shuttle & Fly companies offer the convenience of parking plazas while also adding the speed and ease of a shuttle service, making them an excellent choice for long-term travelers; travelers with mobility problems; travelers with families, and travelers moving a lot of luggage.

Park, shuttle & fly services often offer spacious and covered parking areas, round-the-clock vigilance, 24/7 shuttle services, and proximity to the San Diego Airport, making them an affordable and convenient choice for those looking to park for a weekend or longer.

This kind of parking lot tends to be farther away from the airport than San Diego International’s own parking options, but their shuttle service makes up for that by driving you as close to your gate as possible, and picking you up once you return.

Street Parking / Public Parking

While there’s no street parking or public parking options available on the San Diego International Airport grounds, parking in public areas is still a possibility of sorts.

All you need to do is locate a public parking lot near the airport, park, and hail a cab, bus, or ride-share service to drive you the rest of the way.

While this option can certainly seem affordable, it all depends on how you play your cards.

Some parking lots near San Diego International are very, very cheap, if not downright free, but they often don’t offer round-the-clock security, and they certainly don’t offer a shuttle service.

Because of this, if you’re choosing to park outside the San Diego International Airport grounds, you need to plan well in advance to ensure you can make it to your flight in time.

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