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Preparing Your Car for Long Term Storage

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The big day is here.

You’ve bought your tickets, packed your bags, left your pets with a trusted friend, and triple checked that all your papers are in order.

Now all you need to do is drive to the airport, leave your car with us and get on the plane…Right?
Not quite.

Leaving your car parked for an extended time, even in a lot with 24-hour surveillance and lighted parking areas like ours, requires a few preparations to make sure everything goes well while you’re vacationing.
Don’t worry. You can do most of these the night before your flight or maybe even right before leaving.

Clean It
This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised just how many people forget.
You can do this yourself, or you can take your car to the car wash, as long as you make sure your vehicle is clean both inside and out.
Pay particular attention to the inside and leave no corner unchecked, particularly if you frequently eat in your car.
No one likes coming from a long vacation only to discover something went bad inside their car.

Fill the Tank
Filling the tank achieves three things:

For starters, it will ensure you can get back home after your vacations with no interruption.
Second, it means that, in the event of unexpected vacation expenses, you’ll have plenty of gasoline in the tank once you return. No need to fill a tank while you’re juggling an expense you hadn’t planned for.
Third, topping off your tank can prevent moisture from gathering inside it, which can lead to rust.  This is usually only necessary if you’re traveling for more than a month, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

(If you’re leaving for even longer, adding a stabilizer is always a good idea.)

Find a Storage Location
When leaving your car for an extended amount of time, it’s always a good idea to park it somewhere you trust.
In San Diego’s Park, Shuttle & Fly we offer 24-hour lot access, surveillance and airport shuttle, making us both a safe and comfortable spot.
We even have shaded parking at no additional cost, so there’s no need to worry about the sun!

Make Sure the Battery is Fully Charged
Returning from a long trip only to find out your car has run out of battery is a sure way of burning through all your vacation-born good vibes.
Like keeping a full tank, fully charging your battery ensures you can get out of the airport and back home with as little fuss and as fast as possible!

Service Your Car
If you’re planning to leave for an extended time then this is your best bet; It may seem like an unnecessary additional expense before a long trip, but it’s the perfect way of ensuring your car is in top shape when you return.

The service shop is also an excellent place to get more tips on this subject, so don’t be afraid to ask!


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